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Thinking of selling your comic collection?

Selling your comic collection but nobody seems to want them? We've found this to be an all too common story, as the market for collectible Comics exploded in the 80's & 90's and there is a glut of comics from this period to date.

We'll buy your comic collections

Just Comics will buy comic collections from the 80's & 90's and later. Send us your list via e-mail (have a quick read of the points at the bottom of this page please, ) or, snailmail if you prefer. We'll buy collections that have been refused by your local shops. All we say is that your comic collection should be in excess of 2,000 comics, be in nice condition, is not cherry picked, and you don't want the Earth for it! We'll take your comics including the "uninteresting" titles. We are able to buy comic collections as we have the space to store them (!), and deal directly with most Dealers throughout Europe.

We'll also buy Trade Paperbacks, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Bound Volumes, and 1930's-1970's Comics, Pulps & Art, & Marvel Masterworks etc.,

These items are also wecome to be listed along with your comics.

Please take time out to read the following helpful points :

* It's worth noting that exporting from Excel can produce some odd results - worth checking before sending!

* It's helpfull to quote previous emails , usefull for jogging the memory on your collection.

* Sending lists as text within the email is helpful, as the e-mail can be read immediately.

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